Become a Soldier

The Texas Army National Guard offers more than 150 jobs in a variety of enlisted career fields — almost any job available in the civilian sector translates to a similar position in the military. 

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Become an Officer

The Texas Army National Guard offers more options for becoming an officer than any other branch of military service. Still, it won’t be easy–you must have more than a high school education, as well as the skills to make decisions and make a difference.


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Become a Warrant Officer

While basic branch officers assume the Guard’s general management roles, warrant officers serve as technical and tactical experts, as the leader of a team, and are highly trained in their field. 

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Explore Specialty Positions

The Guard has a strong need for highly qualified experts in certain specific areas. Beyond exciting opportunities for advancement, these select specialties offer additional bonuses and special pay. If you have interest or experience in healthcare, law, ministry, Special Forces or one of our warrant officer career paths, read on.

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Prior Service

You have invested a significant amount of time, shed blood and sweat while honorably serving your country - don't quit now! Continue your service part-time and enjoy a wide array of offered benefits.

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